Benefits of Meditation and Pranayama


Benefits of Meditation and Pranayama

Meditation trains the mind and brain to remain calm and concentrated. Calm tranquil mind enjoys happiness, approaching the unlimited joy of the totally calm SELF, the very source of consciousness within the personality. Meditation is more refreshing than sleep. Meditation is a natural pain reliever, blood pressure moderator and stress reliever.
The end-caps of chromosomes, the Telomeres become longer, slowing the aging process. Immune system improves with meditation stopping the decay of white blood cells or lymphocytes.

Meditation promotes regeneration of new neurons by the Neural Stem Cells in the central nervous system, according to the recent research on the neuroplasticity of brain. Regeneration of new neurons allows development of brain functions and skills regardless of the age of the person.
Pranayama, or the breathing practices for energy optimization, promotes balance in personality and concentration of mind. Through proper breathing a person remains stress free and pleasant. Combining the mental awareness with breathing can powerfully refresh the person better than sleep.

Dr. Mangalick guides the students in meditation and pranayama practices individually and in classes. Contact us to join a class and/or to schedule an individual session.

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