About Us

Spa Shirom Inc provides treatments for Facial Brilliance, Stress Free Body and Joyful Mind. With Microdermic and Ultrasonic procedures the natural youthful brilliance of skin is restored using organic compounds prepared from natural materials like seaweed and natural herbs. Waxing and massage with Ayurvedic materials make the body stress free. Latest technology is used in Pedicure, Manicure and Eyebrows Threading. Time proven Ayurvedic procedure of Shirodhara totally relaxes the brain and mind, with a steady stream of liquid mixtures of natural oils, milk and water on the forehead. Pranayama technique to cultivate Abdomino-diaphraphmatic deep breathing, maintains balanced and relaxed personality. Deep Meditation is taught to bolster Self Confidence. Spa Shirom evaluates each person and develops the specific treatment program for all conditions, including Acne skin and stressed personality. Individually tailored procedures at Spa Shirom Inc utilize organic Herbal Materials and Microdermic and Ultrasonic equipment. Ayurvedic Procedures, Shirodhara, Pranayama Breathing and Meditation are masterfully combined with the Spa Treatments to restore Youthful Stress Free Brilliant Skin, Body and Self Confident Mind and Personality. Pedicure, Manicure and Eyebrows Threading utilize latest technology.